A Rant

I didn’t know what to write about this morning but luckily the stars aligned & universe has given the perfect subject to write on.

Players are professionals and are not allowed have a personal life.

Or so the argument goes.

Last Night Kyle Walker was spotted in a nightclub. Or Friday, the exact details are unknown. He was taking a perfectly legal drug, which everyone knows as Nitrous Oxide, or Hippy Crack. This isn’t crack cocaine, this is the exact same as inhaling laughing gas. The side effects from recreational use are not serious, a headache, a spate of dizziness. In a profile of the drug, The Week says; “The recreational use of nitrous oxide can be fatal, but deaths are rare.” The mal-symptoms occur only when long term use is present.

To summarize, this isn’t a dangerous drug. It has become the second most popular drug in England and Wales, according to the Mail. Yet, I can only find one case of fatal usage on the internet. Without having anything near the proper figures, I think it’s safe to assume that this drug isn’t dangerous.

Which begs the question, why has there been uproar over Walker using it?

For one thing, the word drug has very negative connotations.

But that’s beside the point.

People want professional footballers to give their whole lives up to the game. I have no problem with people wanting that but when people start expecting it, it rubs me the wrong way.

You can’t expect a 23 year old to sit in his room and twiddle his thumbs all day. That’s just ridiculous, but some people expect that of Kyle Walker? He may be a professional footballer but he is also a human, a 23 year old human. Footballers are not automatons, they need a bit of down time. If this down-time was Armand Traoré propositioning a prostitute, or a footballer taking any dangerous drug, then I would have a problem with it.

But it’s not.

It’s Kyle Walker having a glass of champagne and some laughing gas in a pub with his mates. The very worst mal-symptom of this would be a bad-headache, or a spate of dizziness. It’s not like he’ll be stoned walking out onto the pitch versus the Ukraine.

There have been similar meltdowns amongst Tottenham fans. The most recent being when Gabrielle Marcotti and Grant Wahl took a stab at Brad Friedel. People complained that it shows Friedel in a bad light.

What do they expect of him?

Do they expect him to sit back and take it? What self-respecting human being would that?

Then before that, there was an incident with Jermain Defoe on Twitter. After the opening day victory against Crystal Palace, a fan took a stab at  Defoe for missing what was for all intents and purposes an open goal. Defoe created this chance himself, I might add. Somebody apprehended him and Defoe retweeted it.

Then  the meltdown ensued.

What do people expect of Defoe? Do they expect him to sit back and take it? Is that what they would do in the circumstances?

Then we move onto the serial-protagonist, Andros Townsend. I am a self-proclaimed disciple of Townsend’s practice of conversing with the fans. Very rarely in this footballing world do we get a person who genuinely loves the club. Gareth Bale spent 6 years at the club and still didn’t have an affinity with the club. So much so that even Champion’s League qualification, breaking our transfer record 3 times and Andre Villas Boas going out of his way (and sacrificing the progression of numerous other players in doing so) to make Bale the world-class talent he is wouldn’t have been enough to keep him at the club.

Very rarely do you get a Townsend, a player who loves the club.

This tweet is the most recent manifestation of Townsend’s exuberant nature;

AT: I swear @tom_carroll92 passing and vision is toooo much!!

[name]: @andros_townsend obviously not, or AVB wouldn’t have shipped him out on loan. It’s what is wrong with English football.

AT: @[name] clearly you have absolutely no clue about football then!

In fact, going through his timeline, you can see many tweets that has ensued a meltdown. All Townsend is doing is having a bit of banter. All Friedel is doing is defending himself from accusations ignorant of reality. All Defoe is doing is apprehending baseless taunts. All Walker was doing was being a 23 year old.

What’s so bad about that?


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