Let’s Set the Record Straight

This is the interview that ensued meltdown.


If anybody finds anything controversial with the words he explicitly said in this interview, then they have to take a long look at themselves in the mirror. They’re the type of person who fears their own shadow because it follows them and finds an enemy in a 2 pound coin.

If you find anything wrong with what is implicitly stated in this interview, I’m about to debunk that.

What Defoe actually said

You can listen to the full interview above.  The non-stock quotes.

“Getting into a World Cup squad is based on merit and you have to play for your club”

“As a forward, if you are not getting the chances, it will be difficult.”

“Frank Lampard got it right when he said the other day that everyone is fighting [for places].”

“It’s important that everyone goes back to their clubs and plays games to try to impress the manager.”

“It’s a long way to go before the World Cup. There is a lot of football to be played and we will see what happens. You never know, I might play every game from now on.”

It took me 5 seconds to find a copy-and-paste of Defoe’s Sun interview on an Arabic website. Unfortunately some people are all too impetuous when succumbing to a pre-defined narrative.

Back on topic…

The Sun ran with the headline “Dewoe (lol). AVB Wrecking My World Cup Dream.”

As is evident, Defoe never explicitly said that AVB is wrecking his chances of making the World Cup squad.

The Sun only sensationalises the headline. A segment of Spurs fans took it a step further and fabricated a quote FROM THEIR OWN PLAYER. I mean, jesus.

For some hilarious reason, some-thing decided to fabricate a quote from their own player. This was obviously done to gain followers on Twitter. The reason Defoe was chosen, as opposed to the million other players who say they want playing time, was because he’s the archetypical Spurs scapegoat. A satirical post on what makes a Spurs scapegoat is in the pipeline.

Then other Spurs fans decided to believe whoever fabricated the quote and hey presto! we have stage 4 meltdown.

The Explicit/Implicit Pact

To take it a step further, suddenly every Spurs fan that doesn’t like Defoe is a qualified and chartered psychologist.

Anybody that thinks that Defoe took a stab at AVB in the quotes above, is delusional. He didn’t. Now he may have implicitly taken a stab at AVB. But who are we to know that? I wouldn’t imagine that there’s a probe burrowed inside Defoe’s head Eddie Murphy-style sending dossier’s about JD’s emotions to a man sitting in a cupboard.

Judging what a person is saying by the conformation of their face is ludicrous because there’s no way to tell for sure what a player’s thinking.

The journalist ask Defoe; “Do you feel it is important that you’re starting regularly?”

JD answered; “Getting into a World Cup squad is based on merit and you have to play for your club

Defoe thinks it’s important to start to get into the World Cup squad. What a disgrace.

Defoe could be a masochist. He could revel in the pain of not playing. In which case he’d show happiness

Defoe could be a sadistic axe murderer. He could only revel in chopping people in little chunks and be placid about not playing

Defoe could be a typical footballer. He could want to playing. In which case he’d be frustrated at not playing.

There you have three emotions evoked from the same thing. How can you draw a definitive conclusions from Defoe saying he doesn’t want to play if there are at least three viable options?

Trick question; you can’t.

‘But you can see it in his face!,’ they say

‘He’s saying that AVB is ruining his career,’

‘Look he twitched an eyebrow. AVB’s clearly holding his captive in cellar with only bread and water to drink.’


Defoe has multiple faces, all interchangeably, he has a ‘Build-up play is for peasants’ face. He has a ‘AVB’s ruining my career’ face. He has ‘I won’t score this because I hate Tottenham Hotspur’ face.




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